Morcor officially renamed Xpance Inc. and Introduces Digital Proofing Suite


Brainworks Software is proud to announce that Morcor Solutions has been officially renamed Xpance Inc. Brainworks acquired Morcor Solutions in April 2013 with the goal of combining each company’s resources and talents to deliver new and innovative media software solutions to an industry undergoing rapid change. Along with the name change, Xpance has released a new version that incorporates a full suite of capabilities around digital ad creation and proofing.

Director of Operations, Jason Harrington shared, “It’s great being part of the Brainworks organization which has a long standing reputation of rapidly developing software to meet the needs of the ever-changing media industry. With Xpance, we want to be the most innovative asset management system on the market and with innovation comes new modern design. Our team is excited to introduce new markets to new digital design and features in digital/web”.

The newest Xpance updates provide an even greater amount of design options; ad tracking capabilities and communication functions intended to increase productivity and customer satisfaction for all digital and print media. As digital advertising has grown dramatically over the last few years, media companies were forced to have completely separate workflows for digital advertising asset management and proofing. The latest release of Xpance includes adding the digital workflow into the software to better streamline production and increase efficiency. Xpance now allows artists to create animated digital ads in various programs and allows customers to proof the ads in a web-based environment.

“We are thrilled with the new digital tools in Xpance”, stated Matt Griffith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our customers like A. H. Belo, McClatchy and Advance have been anxious to get this new technology and we are happy to give it to them, as well as provide this as an option for our other customers.”


About Brainworks

Brainworks Software is installed at over 1,000 North American media companies over the past 25 years. Products include fully integrated advertising, circulation, ad production tracking and online proofing for digital, print and online ads, billing, accounts receivable, contract and credit management, classified pagination, ROP ad layout, and a state-of-the art CRM system supporting Web, tablet, laptop, and Smartphone platforms.  Brainworks maintains offices in Sayville, NY, Wichita, KS and Belleville, Ontario, Canada. 

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