We were just incredibly impressed with what Brainworks brought to the table. All of the people we have met have been great and it looks like all of our needs and more will be met.

That’s a win/win for us!

Christine Moore, Publisher,Advertising Director at Pamplin Media Group

Xpance is efficient, structured and user friendly.

Aside from Xpance being a great product, the customer service at Brainworks is bulletproof. 

The tech team has great response time and handles all problems with kindness and eagerness to make sure our team is successful. Overall customer service has been and continues to be outstanding.

Amy Honoosic, Ad Production Manager at

Sun Coast Media Group

Chattanooga Times Free Press (Pagination)

“Brainworks provides a consistent pagination result that we can rely on every day!”

– Debbie Scalf Creative Services Manager at Chattanooga Times Free Press

Sussex Printing Corporation (Client Support)

“BW was essential in our recovery of our accounting and ad information and went well above and beyond.”

Michele Swain, Business Manager at Sussex Printing Corp. dba The Guide

Chattanooga Times Free Press (Ad Tracking)

“We are able to create unique modular ad sizes that cross over to Xpance without issue. A great feature for my creative team.”

Debbie Scalf Creative Services Manager at Chattanooga Times Free Press

M. Roberts Media (Ad Tracking)

“Xpance is an amazing tool. We are productive, I can analyze the reports to find weaknesses so we can correct. Being able to proof ads on your phone or tablet is great for our sales reps. The sales staff was impressed with the proofing process and how well we turned ads around.”

Katie Case Graphics Manager at M. Roberts Media

EO Media Group (AR/Ad Perks)

“Using AR/Ad Perks, it has made our company become universal with all of our papers. The company has worked together as a group instead of as individual papers. We are still in the starting line for everything so we are catching problems with how we used to do things.”

Annalisa May – EO Media Group

NPG Newspapers (AR/Ad Perks)

“Having AR/Ad Perks, we are now able to program rates into the system send out email statements and tearsheets. That alone has been 2 FTEs. We have Centralized ROP Layout and Classified layout for 13 different papers with the opportunity to bring on more if needed.”

 – Nic Stevens Newspaper Operations Director at NPG Newspapers.

Salisbury Post (AR/AdPerks)

“AR/AdPerks has allowed regular classified adtakers to become designers and upsell customers from a liner to a display. It’s also cut my reporting time in half.”

– Sharon Jackson, Classified Adv. Manager at Salisbury Post

Temple Daily Telegram (Circulation)

“Having Circsmart, it has improved billing for contractors and customers. Reports are starting to help identify areas of opportunity. I was able to convert monthly pay carriers over to the same bi-weekly process we use for our other carriers. Freed up alot of time and eliminated running reports twice in a month.”

Michael B Hicks, Circulation Manager at Temple Dailyl Telegram

Colorado Springs Gazette (CRM)

“The CRM has made it much easier to gather the information I need as an administrator to keep my team succeeding”

– Emily Shuman, Executive Assistant and Advertising Administrator at Colorado Springs Gazette

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