Brainworks Next Generation
Web-Based Hosting Environment

Stratica Cloud technology increases workflow efficiencies, reduces reliance on internal IT resources and delivers a seamless data environment

Dramatically Reduced Cost of Ownership gives you the ability to redirect IT resources towards new revenue initiatives

New Monthly Subscription Pricing that includes scheduled maintenance, a dedicated team of IT professionals and outstanding 24/7/365 customer support all for one low monthly hosting fee

Quick Deployment that requires only a web browser and internet access

Seamless Upgrades eliminates the need to install or download patches and ensures that users will always be up-to-date with the latest software versions

One Centralized Database allows users to share data and business intelligence across all Stratica software modules

Continuous Offsite Back-ups and Data Replication eliminates the often laborious task of backing-up data by instigating automatic back-ups without user intervention

Convenient Work from Anywhere Technology allows users with an internet connection to access their data and work more efficiently from anywhere in the world

Multiple Offsite Servers ensure your data is always protected and your system continues to perform even if an unforeseen disaster were to occur

Open APIs create a hassle-free environment for integrating third-party software to Stratica’s suite of products

Automated QA Testing and Deployment Procedures provides overall higher quality of software releases while also reducing software upgrade costs resulting in a better value for your support dollars.

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