With hundreds of vendors and suppliers in the media industry, how do you identify companies that go above and beyond to ensure your success?



TownNews.com and Brainworks Software both believe in treating clients as long-term partners—we succeed when they do. We have a deep, long-term commitment to supporting media organizations—print, broadcast and web-native—with innovative solutions that grow revenue, audience and engagement.


Clients as partners

For some vendors, communication ends when you sign a contract (until it’s time to renew). Because our success and yours go hand-in-hand, TownNews.com and Brainworks strive to be your active partners: anticipating needs, sharing ideas and identifying new growth opportunities.

Innovation with a purpose

To thrive in the digital age, media organizations must continually explore new ways to expand revenue and engage their audiences.  As partners, Brainworks and TownNews.com will work to develop fresh and innovative solutions that impact the metrics that matter most to your business.

Spirit of collaboration

TownNews.com and Brainworks will work together to provide our partners with best-of-breed solutions from across our complementary product and service offerings.

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