Imagine…your ad sales and account information as fresh as the latest news.

Brainworks Advertising Software

It’s all about the data… now you can see all your ad sales and account information in real time. Brainworks advertising software integrates digital, classified and display advertising sales and order entry into a smooth, seamless and flexible process tailored to accommodate today’s digital and print environments. By bringing together ad formatting tools, accounts management, accounts receivable and credit functions into a comprehensive menu, Brainworks breaks through a productivity wall and opens a door to a new world of efficiencies and increased revenue.

Benefits from industry-leading Print and Digital Advertising software:

  • Utilizing Business Intelligence to maximize the income potential of every digital and print sales opportunity.
  • Real-time advertiser data at your fingertips.
  • Generating advertising reports and dashboards by any parameter or data point in your database…advertiser, publication, sales territory, timeframe and more.
  • Continually measuring group and individual staff productivity against set goals.
  • Completely automated classified order entry.
  • Dramatically increase classified call center rep productivity and revenue.
  • Cross-selling new subscriptions while entering a classified ad.
  • Classified call center reps building ads directly in Quark or InDesign while being dynamically prompted to up-sell ad enhancements and combinations.
  • Tracking credit and payment terms against new orders.

It’s not hard to imagine…it’s Brainworks Advertising today.

Advertising Module Features

Accounts Receivable

  • Statements and Invoices
  • Contract Management
  • Credit Management
  • Co-op Management
  • Revenue Budgeting
  • Payment Processing/Cash Management
  • PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing
  • Adjustment Management
  • Month End Processing
  • LockBox Support
  • General Ledger Support
  • E-Tearsheets and E-Billing
  • Advertiser Web Access
  • Shared Services Support

Digital Advertising Management

  • All Aspects of Digital Order Entry and Fulfillment
  • Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) Support

Order Entry

  • Classified Liners with dynamic Upsells and Packaging
  • Display (ROP and Classified)
  • Pre-prints
  • Classified Self-Service, Search and Display
  • Global Call-Center Support

Business Intelligence

  • Digitized Data on Interactive Dashboards
  • Customized Reports
  • Customized Data Mining
  • Web-based Data Mining


  • Classified Pagination
  • ROP Pagination
    • Editorial System Collaboration

Brainworks. More Options. Better Integration.

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