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“Stratica” is defined by Brainworks as the place where strategy converts into action. All Stratica modules are browser-based allowing for minimal deployment disruptions, accelerated configuration and training timelines, wide-ranging integration capabilities, automated upgrades and dramatically reduced cost of ownership. Stratica’s Advertising & CRM solutions provide media companies with the latest tools to compete aggressively for advertisers by delivering new and innovative built-in features



See all your print or digital publication’s ad sales and account information in realtime. Know what’s happening as it’s happening. Brainworks Advertising software solutions integrate newspaper classified and display advertising sales and order entry into a smooth, seamless and flexible process tailored to accommodate today’s dual digital and print environments.



In a single, unified view, capture and clearly see, understand and evaluate every action and interaction of your sales force and your advertisers with our media software. While at the same time empower your sales force with total access to their entire world of current advertiser, billing and market data.



Realize the efficiencies and speed of newspaper and other media advertising production fully transformed to digital form with Brainworks Xpance. Say goodbye to folders, paper tickets, handwritten notes, misdirected emails, scattered ad assets, proofs winding their way to and from an advertiser.



Map your path to greater revenue and market penetration with Brainworks Circsmart, the newspaper industry’s most intelligent circulation, distribution and marketing software system. Built from the ground up to address today’s circulation challenges.


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