Media solutions…ad workflow management, production and sales; circulation and CRM… acquire one or assemble a suite. Your needs. Your choice. Your solutions.

Web-based solutions created for print and online media enterprises to increase revenue and enhance efficiency. Each created by newspaper people for newspaper people.

Brainworks Software Development Corp. offers a unique suite of web-based software tools, built to work together from the start, or as needed, that can transform the information and data of the business side of your enterprise to be as current and accessible as what’s generated on the news side. Each Brainworks solution stands on its own or works as an integrated unit with any of the others. Or, even with third-party systems you may already be using.

They’re designed to work the way you work, and because they’re web-based, from wherever you work, to increase revenue and enhance efficiencies in advertising production, sales and management; circulation management and customer relations management. It’s your call. Your solutions. Your choice.

Brainworks. More Options. Better Integration.

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