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“Stratica” is defined by Brainworks as the place where strategy converts into action. All Stratica modules are browser-based allowing for minimal deployment disruptions, accelerated configuration and training timelines, wide-ranging integration capabilities, automated upgrades and dramatically reduced cost of ownership. Stratica’s Advertising & CRM solutions provide media companies with the latest tools to compete aggressively for advertisers by delivering innovative revenue opportunities and workflow efficiencies.

Brainworks built Stratica to provide media companies with a software tool that would be responsive to  new and ever-changing business strategies. Stratica was conceived to address business and financial challenges as well as operational and technological hurdles. Brainworks has been a partner with newspapers for over 30 years and will continue that relationship by providing them with solutions that will enable quick implementation of new business strategies.

New low monthly subscription pricing lets publishers control their growth plans by not locking themselves into multi-year agreements. All pricing includes scheduled maintenance, a dedicated team of IT professionals and outstanding 24/7/365 customer support all for one low monthly subscription fee.

Focused implementation methodology significantly reduces impact on your operations teams and delivers a quicker ROI. In most cases, Stratica Advertising and CRM can be deployed in 17 weeks.

Yes! Stratica incorporates a unified real time reporting solution including standard reports, ad hoc reporting and dashboards that provide easily accessible channels of information to all employees and customers.

Yes! Responsive design automatically formats the user interface and display to any browser-based device.

Yes! Because Stratica is web-based its convenient work-from-anywhere technology allows users with an internet connection to access their data and work more efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Yes! Web-based self-service tools allow private party and commercial customers to place ads and allows advertising clients to view sales history, retrieve statements, tearsheets and pay bills.

Stratica is built using leading edge technologies from top to bottom. With a foundation of Microsoft’s Service Fabric, Stratica leverages the Microsoft technology stack for true enterprise scale and performance, allowing Brainworks to provide a reliable, high-performance system that can scale to meet your business demands dynamically. End-users on all devices, whether desktop or mobile, experience a beautiful, modern user interface built using industry leading web technologies, including Angular and Bootstrap. These technologies allow users across all devices and disciplines to quickly and securely perform their tasks from anywhere

Permission-based workflow functionality provides users the ability to initiate permission workflows such as adjustment tracking, sales to manager communication, as well as, external third-party software providers so only specific people have access to predefined data.

Yes! Stratica Cloud’s continuous offsite back-ups and data replication eliminates the often laborious task of backing-up data by instigating automatic back-ups without user intervention. Multiple offsite servers ensure your data is always protected and your system continues to perform even if an unforeseen disaster were to occur.

Because Stratica is cloud-based it allows seamless upgrades that eliminate the need to install or download patches and ensures that users will always be up-to-date with the latest software versions.

Yes! One centralized database allows users to share data and business intelligence across all Stratica software modules.

Yes! Open APIs create a hassle-free environment for integrating third-party software to Stratica’s suite of products.

Stratica uses Microsoft Azure hosting, an ever-expanding set of cloud services that help organizations meet their business challenges. Security and privacy are built into the Azure platform. Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies trust their business to run on the Microsoft Cloud.

Stratica is built to run using Microsoft Service Fabric.  Service Fabric provides comprehensive service management capabilities and can provision, deploy, monitor and upgrade/patch deployed instances of Stratica with minimal or even no downtime. It’s also scalable, providing Brainworks with the ability to increase available computing resources on-the-fly to meet your business demands.

Stratica has been designed from the ground up to be customer centric. Customer data is the most valuable component of a media company’s IT infrastructure. With the industry drive to “Big Data’ solutions, Brainworks has taken a big step forward by unifying all customer data including advertiser and subscriber information. Once Stratica Audience is available, all your valuable customer data will be unified in one database and accessible through Stratica’s new reporting capabilities.

Stratica uses OAuth, an open protocol to allow secure authorization in a simple and standard method from web, mobile and desktop applications.

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