Strategically-Focused CRM Solution

Stratica’s integrated, media specific CRM with advanced forecasting capabilities and pipeline management will help you predict future revenue.

Stratica’s industry specific CRM features an advanced forecasting tool that allows sales and management to more effectively forecast future revenue, identify revenue gaps and initiate a plan to replace revenue and achieve their budget.

Stratica CRM provides many benefits designed to grow revenues and increase operational efficiencies and deliver ROI

Modern Browser-Based User Interface makes user adoption quick and easy to use

Dramatically Reduced Cost of Ownership gives you the ability to redirect IT resources towards new revenue initiatives

New Monthly Subscription Pricing lets you control your growth plans by not locking you into multi-year agreements

Focused Implementation Methodology significantly reduces impact on your operations teams and delivers a quicker ROI

Customer-Centric Application Design that allows your sales and marketing departments to easily focus on fostering your relationships with your customers

Permission-Based User Management allows administrators to exclude specific functionality from a particular user, group or third party application

Additional user features include:

Real Time Reporting Dashboards allows sales reps and managers to easily access current account data and pipeline updates

Mobile Order Entry of digital, display and preprint for immediate ad placement confirmation

Responsive Design automatically formats the user interface and display to any device

ElasticSearch allows for extremely fast searches that support data discovery applications

Pipeline, Opportunities & Activities:

Opportunity activities and tasks automatically updated to pipeline month, week and day calendar views of all sales activities

  • Automatically schedule recurring events
  • Automatically add opportunities through defined geographic mapping data
  • Invitee lists can be created for group meetings


  • Prospects can be added using prospect filters or from the campaign design screen
  • Save frequently used filters so they can be reused in other campaign lead lists
  • Campaigns can be designed to include templates for order entry, email, voice mail, letters and pitch points

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