Imagine sales force automation designed specifically for the media industry that empowers your sales team with real-time information and data.

Brainworks CRM Software

As a media driven software company, Brainworks has dedicated years of development to create and perfect an industry-leading advertising CRM platform.

In a single, unified view, capture and clearly see, understand and evaluate every action and interaction of your sales force and your advertisers. While at the same time empower your sales force with total access to their entire world of current advertiser, billing and market data.

Put the power of information into their hands, literally, so they can be more effective and efficient. In today’s information age, knowledge is power. The power to clearly see what’s happening and where, in real time.

Benefits from industry-leading media CRM software:

  • Optimizing sales forces coordination and sales results by seamlessly and effortlessly sharing advertiser and prospect data.
  • Your reps having the power to track customer accounts, edit their ads, update accounts, take payments, and deliver tear-sheets with a few taps on a tablet or laptop.
  • Maximizing sales force utilization for optimal sales results with a telemarketing process fully integrated at the prospect, advertising, and scheduling levels.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of your sales force and your individual sales reps.
  • Generating real time reports of your latest campaign and fine tune it to changing market conditions.
  • Easily generating any advertising report by any parameter you need to see.
  • Seeing what your sales force is doing as they’re doing it.
  • Your sales information and status being as up to date and relevant as today’s headline.

It’s not hard to imagine…it’s Brainworks CRM solutions today.

CRM Module Features

  • Mobile Sales Efficiency Tool from any web-enabled device
  • Real time client data access
  • Real time dashboard data access
  • Emailing and integration with MS Exchange and Gmail
  • Contact management
  • Calendar and appointments
  • Opportunity and pipeline management
  • Marketing / Campaigning
  • Prospect Research
  • Digital Advertising Management
    • All Aspects of Digital Order Entry and Fulfillment
    • Billing Support
    • Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) Support
  • Integration to Xpance Ad Tracking

Brainworks. More Options. Better Integration.

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