We’re newspaper people, we’re a part of the newspaper industry, not apart from the newspaper industry.

It’s how and why Brainworks has a unique perspective of this industry…from the inside.

Brainworks solutions evolved from real world newspaper needs and experience. Our passion has been, and continues to be, to anticipate the industry’s challenges and create solutions to meet them. It’s what we do. It’s all we do.

And because Brainworks has this unique insider perspective, we’ve been singularly able to create a powerful collection of 21st-century tools the industry needs to face its great 21st-century challenges…how to increase revenue, efficiency and productivity.

For more than four decades Brainworks Software Development Corp. has been creating and evolving powerful software solutions for the newspaper industry.

These are fully integrated tools that enhance productivity and revenue in every area of a publication’s business operation—classified and display, print and online advertising, circulation, ad production, ad tracking and proofing, billing, accounts receivable, CRM, and contract and credit management. 

And each can be accessed and managed through virtually any web connected device—PC, tablet, laptop, or smartphone—from anywhere.

With a sales force and production team armed with realtime data and information that’s accessible from anywhere and at anytime, for the first time ever, a publication’s business side can be as current and up to date as its news side. The payoff, increased revenue and efficiency.

That’s been the experience of the more than 1,000 publications that have installed Brainworks solutions over the past 40 years. It can be your experience too.

Take a few minutes to tour this site and arrange for a free demonstration. We’ll be happy to meet with you, one newspaper person to another.

A Personal Note from Brainworks Founder John Barry

At Brainworks Software we create innovative and powerful advertising, ad tracking and circulation systems that deliver dramatic revenue increases, from both traditional and emerging channels, for modern newspapers. Our systems achieve such remarkable results because each of our products is developed with a singular focus in mind: to generate more revenue for newspapers. From classified and display advertising to circulation to web-based tools to even our A/R systems, each product supports selling and service in entirely new ways that result in increased revenue for our customers.

Our steady rise to the forefront of newspaper software is a testament to our commitment to help newspapers thrive amidst change in our industry. We are steadfastly committed to innovation, service, and listening to our customers. Its an approach that has allowed Brainworks to be successful and to enable us to help our customers succeed in this new era of publishing.

We unashamedly boast that, Youll make more money with Brainworks. And heres why:

Our Product:

Ever since Brainworks led the industry with the first Windows-based advertising product we have continued to deliver the most user-friendly, feature-rich and innovative advertising and circulation software available. Our responsiveness to our customers needs, and our ability to deliver creative solutions, continues to set the standard for profit-enhancing publishing industry software.

Our Platform:

Brainworks choice of mainstream platforms Windows, SQL, web, email and mobile appsallows our customers to leverage and integrate with todays best and most productive technologies. There investment is protected both today and in the future by our constant adoption of the most important technologies.

Our Team:

Brainworks team is a highly skilled group of exceptional professionals who represent many years of experience in the newspaper industry. Most importantly, we recognize the need to masterfully manage the human as well as the technical side of your Brainworks experience.

Our Support:

At Brainworks, we understand that our support is an extension of your business, and a crucial element of our service to you. Support, 24/7, is a phone call, fax, email, text message away. Technicians who can solve your problems quickly. Support options include phone, fax, web and email.

John Barry

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