Imagine ad production
moving at the speed
of breaking news.

Brainworks Ad Management Software

Realize the efficiencies and speed of advertising production fully transformed to digital form with Brainworks Xpance. Say goodbye to folders, paper tickets, handwritten notes, misdirected emails, scattered ad assets, proofs winding their way to and from an advertiser. Meet efficient and seamless classified and display ad creation and production workflow from order entry through remote proofing to publication in print or online. Reduce costs, increase productivity and increase sales volume.

Benefit from industry-leading Ad Production software

  • All the assets of ads in digital form accessible to your entire ad sales and production team remotely from any PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Your display ads automatically pushed out to your online edition with full DoubleClick for Publishers integration.
  • Customers retrieving or being delivered tear sheets online or via email.

  • Your reps and advertisers proofing and correcting ads on the fly via the web.
  • Tracking and managing ad production workflow from a remote PC or tablet.
  • Reducing the time spent producing ads by over 160 production hours per week.

  • Saving thousands of dollars by eliminating write-offs and errors.
  • Seeing who are your most productive team members
  • Effortlessly building a spec ad to build revenue.

 It’s not hard to imagine…it’s Brainworks Ad Production today

Ad Production Module Features

Ad Production Efficiencies

  • Workflow Management
  • Ad Production Queues


Print and Digital Ad Creation

Complete Proofing Support

Web-Based Ad Proofing

Ad Showcase

Live Ad Proofing

Ad Serving Support with Google DFP (Double Click for Publishers)


Shared Services Support

More Options.
Better Integration.

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