Sun Coast Media Group Bio – Sun Coast Media Group newspapers include several “zoned editions” of the Charlotte Sun that cover coastal Charlotte County, inland DeSoto, Hardee and Highlands counties. Their flagship publication, The Charlotte Sun, is a 30,000-circulation daily and is the last family owned daily newspaper in the state of Florida.

Partnership with Brainworks Software: Over 7 years

Major pain points prior to using Xpance: Using different systems to do different functions made workflow slow and very inefficient coupled with daily constant frustration.

Strategy: Implement Xpance.  Sun Coast Media Group trusted Brainworks Software based on experience with ticket entry and overall reputation for great product and customer service in the newspaper industry.

Results: Since implementing Xpance there has been a reduction in production time and a 30% increase in productivity resulting in a $50,000 decrease in personnel expenses.

Overall Customer Experience stated from Amy Honoosic, Ad Production Manager at Sun Coast Media Group:  “Xpance is efficient, structured and user friendly.  Sun Coast Media Group has over 15 users and Xpance has been very user friendly and helps our reps become self-sufficient. One example is being able to have our reps pull-up their own proofs and tear sheets so it saves a ton of time for the reps.”

“Aside from Xpance being a great product, the customer service at Brainworks is bulletproof. As anyone in our industry knows, everything is time sensitive.  It doesn’t matter if its 6AM or 6PM, the customer service by Eugene Cuoto and the rest of the team will help work us through any problems quickly.  The tech team has great response time and handles all problems with kindness and eagerness to make sure our team is successful. Overall customer service has been and continues to be outstanding.”

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