Pamplin Media Group chooses Brainworks Media Software

Pamplin Media Group turns to Brainworks to ease the challenges of their legacy business system

Pamplin Media Group has successfully begun the implementation of an integrated Brainworks Advertising, CRM and Xpance Ad Tracking software solution. PMG is anxious to transition to Brainworks to automate their processes and integrate their business systems with a comprehensive CRM system.

“We had a failed attempt with another company who was completely unable to meet our needs in terms of scheduling, rates and classifieds”, explained Christine Moore, Publisher/Advertising Director at Pamplin Media Group, “So, I started looking for a company with a strong newspaper clientele who could meet our unique needs. We were just incredibly impressed with what Brainworks brought to the table. All of the people we have met have been great and it looks like all of our needs and more will be met. That’s a win/win for us!”

Brainworks Media Software takes pride not only in their problem solving products, but also in the customer service it gives to all departments and parties involved in their new and existing partnerships.

Rick Sanders, COO at Brainworks Media Software stated, “It was a pleasure working with the implementation team at Pamplin Media. Judging by their turnout and engagement at the Kickoff Meeting, this project looks to be getting off to an excellent start. I was also very impressed by Pamplin having their sales team on board for introductions. Brainworks has found that engaging the sales team early in the project is a key to a successful CRM implementation. Pamplin has taken it to a new level.”

Matt Griffith, VP of Sales and Marketing worked closely with the selection committee at PMG. “It was great getting to work with the team at Pamplin. They were dedicated to selecting the best possible vendor and I’m thrilled that they selected Brainworks,” stated Griffith.

About Brainworks

Brainworks Software has been installed at over 1,000 North American newspapers over the past 25 years. Products include fully integrated classified and display advertising, circulation, billing, accounts receivable, ad tracking, web-based ad proofing, contract and credit management, classified pagination, ROP ad layout, and a state-of-the art web-based CRM.

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