Brainworks Releases New Revenue-Focused CRM Innovations for Publishers

Sayville, NY: Brainworks, in collaboration with CRM development partner APG Media, has released three new CRM innovations designed to increase revenue opportunities and drive greater sales team efficiencies for print and digital publishers.

These new revenue generating innovations include:

  • A forecasting tool that automatically generates a report of accounts and associated revenue from the prior year. The forecasting tool also tracks advertising revenue already booked during a particular period, as well as existing opportunities during the same period. This unique feature allows sales and management to more effectively forecast future revenue, identify revenue gaps well in advance and initiate a plan to replace revenue and achieve their budget.


  • Automatic creation of opportunities for each account based on last year’s actual revenue for a specified period of time. This function populates the relevant details associated with their accounts/opportunities and serves as a revenue roadmap for the sales representative to plan their sales strategy.


  • Automatically closes opportunities when they’ve gone past their projected close date based on the salespersons’ or managers’ specified criteria. This ensures that opportunities in the pipeline are active and viable resulting in a more accurate revenue forecast while at the same time pointing-out when sales reps may be having difficulty closing sales or are projecting unrealistic opportunities.

Michelle Ackerman, Brainworks’ CRM Product Manager, works closely with APG Media and had this to say regarding the new releases, “The idea to develop these three new releases was the result of ongoing discussions between Brainworks and APG Media.  These new innovations are now available for all Brainworks CRM customers to improve the quality of each customer interaction and maximize their ad sales through effective CRM forecasting and pipeline management.”

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