Who says Brainworks digital solutions are the best way to increase revenue, efficiency and productivity?

Just the industry’s toughest critics. Your peers.


We can tell you all the great things that Brainworks solutions can do for a newspaper company. But you might be more impressed if you heard it from your peers. Therefore, here’s a selection of what some of our current and active customers say about Brainworks solutions, the service we provide and quality of support they receive.

Personally, I have been impressed with the Brainworks team and their commitment to the customer service. John Barry has done a superb job in building a solid team and providing the best service than any other software vendor I have known during the past 20 years.

Prashant Shitut, Vice President of Operations
The Times Leader

Brainworks is very tuned into what advertising departments need to grow markets and increase revenues. It shows in their software, and in their people! 

Evelyne Gayrard, Classified Advertising Manager,
La Presse

Choosing Brainworks was a no-brainer! 

Russ Gillespie, Classified Ad Manager

Lancaster Newspapers

“We wanted a partner that was as serious about our revenues as we are. Brainworks was clearly the leader. When you do your homework, you choose Brainworks!” 

Kay Mize, Classified Advertising Manager

The Greensheet

“We visited several newspapers during the evaluation process, and without qualification, the newspapers were enthusiastic about their systems and, just as importantly, they were enthusiastic about their relationship with Brainworks.” 

Hugo Halle, MIS Director

La Presse

 Brainworks is powerful software! We use Brainworks to automate 81 publications, across 7 distinct company divisions, spread over 4 states, all from a single database. Brainworks easily accommodates our complex cross-selling rates, supports our multiple sets of business rules, and provides controls and reporting at all levels – publication, division, and enterprise. Sales management is streamlined, order entry is fast, billing is accurate, and reporting is fast, easy and user definable. During the installation, Brainworks really went the extra mile for us, and their support team has been very responsive. Chesapeake Publishing looks forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Brainworks. 

Stanley Wallace ,Treasurer

Chesapeake Publishing Corporation

 Across the board, Brainworks is great! Reporting is amazing – the ability to create any report we want, and see the result immediately, has moved us a giant step ahead. The billing and accounting are rock solid yet extremely easy to use. The Brainworks associates were professional, extremely competent, and very friendly. Overall, we are delighted! 

Jasper Curtis, Advertising Operations Manager

Tyler Morning Telegraph – Tyler, TX

 Brainworks has a very intuitive, common sense interface. Brainworks has reduced the resources devoted to order entry by approximately 50%. This is due largely to the ease of the order entry screen. We forecast additional reductions when we deploy the Brainworks Integrated Marketing System this year. Brainworks has been proactive in developing this software, enabling us to venture into sales force automation with the advantage of one vendor and one platform.  

David Lyle, CFO

Observer-Reporter – Washington, PA

 Our revenues went through the roof on the very first day! 

Art McClelland,VP Sales and Marketing

Tyler Morning Telegraph

 Brainworks service level sets it apart from all competitors! 

Ron Tremblay, Chief Financial Officer

Salmon Press

 Our company is very diverse in nature and we chose Brainworks because they were willing to make their software do what we needed it to do, and not make us conform to it. Flexible, excellent product knowledge, competitive pricing, excellent customer service and an excellent quality product are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Brainworks. Would I do it again? In a heart beat! 

Janet Lee Stanley, V.P. Sales and Marketing

Lee Publications

 I just love the Brainworks system! 

Claudia Meyers, General Manager

Baltimore Jewish Times

 Brainworks has by far the most powerful and flexible rating engine in the industry. We chose them for their strong rating and flexible business system. During our installation, we found a big added bonus, the rates and business rules are as easy to setup, as they are powerful. Even though we have a large number of publications with extremely complex package and interactive rates, they are a snap to maintain with Brainworks! 

Kimberly Rogers, IT Manager

Pittsburgh Pennysaver – Pittsburgh, PA

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