Who says Brainworks digital solutions are the best way to increase revenue, efficiency and productivity?

Just the industry’s toughest critics. Your peers.


We can tell you all the great things that Brainworks solutions can do for a newspaper company. But you might be more impressed if you heard it from your peers. Therefore, here’s a selection of what some of our current and active customers say about Brainworks solutions, the service we provide and quality of support they receive.

 We were just incredibly impressed with what Brainworks brought to the table. All of the people we have met have been great and it looks like all of our needs and more will be met.

That’s a win/win for us! 

Christine Moore, Publisher/Advertising Director at Pamplin Media Group

 Xpance is efficient, structured and user friendly.

Aside from Xpance being a great product, the customer service at Brainworks is bulletproof. 

The tech team has great response time and handles all problems with kindness and eagerness to make sure our team is successful. Overall customer service has been and continues to be outstanding.

Amy Honoosic, Ad Production Manager at

Sun Coast Media Group

 Brainworks has a very intuitive, common sense interface. Brainworks has reduced the resources devoted to order entry by approximately 50%. This is due largely to the ease of the order entry screen. We forecast additional reductions when we deploy the Brainworks Integrated Marketing System this year. Brainworks has been proactive in developing this software, enabling us to venture into sales force automation with the advantage of one vendor and one platform.  

David Lyle, CFO

Observer-Reporter – Washington, PA

Brainworks asked our customers what their “A-HA!” moment was while using our media software…

here is what they had to say!

I would have to say it was while learning mobile data mining. The granular reporting is amazing. We have many reports that support our management team. 

Debbie Rumford, AR Manager at 

All Island Media

When we launched, I had 3 full time folks in order entry with one person supplementing. Now we have two. This is partially due to the time savings we realized.  

Jerry Gifford, Multimedia Fulfillment Manager at

Tampa Bay Times

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